Friday, June 18, 2010


Rain. Rain. Rain. And more Rain. That was our day in Munich on Wednesday. Our tour guide was a real trooper. He smiled and told us all about Munich on the 3 hour tour. "A 3 hour tour..." (Any Gilligan Island fans?) :-) This unfortunately left no time for shopping, but we did get to see a lot of the city.

Mr. Herrman


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  2. Looks like even though it was rainy you guys still had a good time. And there is Ryan in shorts and a hoodie.. You go kid! We have really been enjoying all of your posts. It sure seems like you are all having a wonderful time.

  3. Of course Ryan is wearing shorts. Zach was the only one with no umbrella. I think every stitch of clothes he had on was soaked!

  4. Zack does love rain, and had said that he was looking forward to experiencing rain in Germany. It looks like he got his wish! Hopefully it was enjoyable (and not too cold!).