Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tour of the City

Today, after going to school, we got to see downtown Mühldorf. But first, we had Döner for lunch! It was sehr lecker! Very delicious! It is somewhat like a hamburger, except with shredded meat and different sauces. After a hearty lunch, we set off to Mühldorf, but not without a mission! Each American student and their German partner was given 2€, and whoever could buy the biggest item with these 2€ would win a prize. But being the clever young scholars that we are, we teamed up and got yellow trash bags for free. Then we flew about two dozen trash bags up like balloons. It was pretty big! We got a lot of stares, but it was pretty cool!

Then our tour actually began. We started off in the Rathaus, the city hall. It is a beautiful building with elaborate Italian Renaissance woodwork inside.We got to meet the Bugermeister, the mayor. He was very nice to us and gave everyone books and pins. He also gave a beer stein and official Mühldorf umbrella to Herr Herrman. Next on our tour list was the jail cell of poor Maria Pauer, who was imprisoned there after being accused of a witch. She stayed in that tiny, pitch-black cellar (we got to go inside) for a very long time until being shipped off to her doom in Salzburg.

Finally, we visited the Tower. It was so cool inside, a relief from the hot afternoon! It is also quite historic, being almost 800 years old. We got to climb all the way to the top. What a spectacular view! We could see all of the main square and streets! After taking lots and lots of pictures, our tour ended.

Bis bald, Alison

Welcome BBQ

Yesterday's BBQ was awesome! Almost all of our German exchange students came to welcome us to the Rupert-Gymnasium. And Mr. Fenzl and Ms. Lacoste wore some traditional Bavarian outfits. (This is Mr. Fenzl's first pair of Lederhose! :-) The food was sooooo delicious! Mr. Fenzl found a grill and some of the best meat I've tasted off the grill. After we ate, we ate some, more and then the students played volley ball. Today after the morning classes, we are going to visit the mayor and take a tour of the city.

Monday, June 7, 2010

At the airport early

We're at the airport with plenty of time to spare. Apparently 3:30 on a Monday is not the busy time. Best thing about being at the airport early?

Last Meeting

Here we are at our last meeting before going to Germany. Tickets are bought... papers are signed... we are ready to go!