Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome BBQ

Yesterday's BBQ was awesome! Almost all of our German exchange students came to welcome us to the Rupert-Gymnasium. And Mr. Fenzl and Ms. Lacoste wore some traditional Bavarian outfits. (This is Mr. Fenzl's first pair of Lederhose! :-) The food was sooooo delicious! Mr. Fenzl found a grill and some of the best meat I've tasted off the grill. After we ate, we ate some, more and then the students played volley ball. Today after the morning classes, we are going to visit the mayor and take a tour of the city.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great day!! Have fun visiting the mayor and seeing the sites.

  2. It was fun seeing you all on the plane. Hope you're having fun. Maybe see you on the flight back.

  3. Hey! It's Mr Falkner. I just realized that was you. We are having a blast. Just ran a 5K with Stefan, Ryan, Renee, Christoph, and Christophs mother. (Blog about that soon to follow.)