Monday, June 21, 2010

Alison in Burghausen

This weekend, on Saturday, my host family and I went to the city of Burghausen! It is a beautiful city and is located right next to the Salzach River, on the border with Austria. Burghausen is famous for its castle, which, at over 1000 m long, is the longest in Europe. The view from the castle was splendid! The castle was built at the highest point in the city, and we could see the river and old town perfectly!

We walked around the whole castle for hours. The castle is a picture-perfect example of a Medevial European castle. There were gates and cobblestones and small squares everywhere! There is also a muesum filled with ancient tapestries and paintings. Most of these pieces of art were made from the 1500 to 1700s in Bavaria. There was even a giant mural depicting a battle that took place in Muhldorf! It's hard to believe that these cities have been around for almost a thousand years.

Bis bald!

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