Sunday, June 20, 2010

Andrew's weekend

This weekend was very fun as well as very long. Friday night was Laura Gabler´s birthday party so I stayed up very late attending that, she recieved some awesome birthday gifts. Saturday morning the whole family slept in and at around two we set off to Chiemsee a very big lake also known as the Bavarian Sea. On this lake our two islands Womans island and Males island, we went to see the famous palace on males island one of King Ludwig´s. It was very beautiful we got a tour of the inside in english so I could understand everything. We awoke early sunday morning for Peter`s soccer game, they won the match 9-1. After that we made a pretty long drive to Austria to a family barbeque at Peter´s father´s brother´s house. All the food was very delicous although it was very hard to understand them because they all had very heavy Bavarian accents aswell as spoke Bavarian.
Andrew S.

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